how to make church amazing

5 Ways to Make Church Amazing

With all the talk of decline in the American Church these days, it’s time for us to do something about it.  I know many solutions have been offered for this crisis, but I think I have something to say that will turn the tide.  After all, if we don’t do something fast the next president may be another Democrat.

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The Light Shines

It’s not exactly a sermon in the traditional sense of the word, but it will do.

Happy Resurrection Day!

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Jesus king of my kingdom

Jesus, King of My Kingdom?

In preparing for Easter, I’ve been reading the accounts of Jesus’ appearances after the resurrection and noting the impact.  It’s a pretty cool way to approach Easter.  One thread that I have picked up on has not been obvious to me until now.

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your reputation is too clean

Your Reputation Is Probably Too Clean for Jesus

Since I’ve been on this theme of Jesus at the sinner’s table, there’s one thing that has been cutting me deeply.  It’s a simple thought, but the more I chew on it the more deep it gets for me.  It’s concerning my reputation vs the reputation of Jesus.

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stay seated at the sinners table

Stay Seated at the Sinner’s Table

I’ve been reading the book of Jonah off and on for several months and have felt that it is quite prophetic, not just generally, but specifically relevant for our time now.  A friend and former pastor of mine, Greg Milsaps has been doing the same thing apparently.

He says this:

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It’s Not Business, It’s Personal – Bob Sorge

My wife sent this to me and it just about wrecked me.  Had the neighbor kid not rung the doorbell when he did, I would have been crying like a baby.  The bit about having the Bride’s attention while Jesus is watching – are you a friend to the Bride or competition – is a challenge.  Jesus is not an entrepreneur building a business.  He’s a bridegroom wooing a bride.

I think I need to watch this every day.

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the future is not dark just because you cannot see it

It’s OK If You Don’t Know God’s Will

I was recently sharing a meal with a friend and we were talking about how neither of us ever expected to be where we are now in life.  I was laughing (maybe a little too loud for a crowded restaurant) about how if God had presented me with the full reality of where He was taking me, I would have said no without hesitation.  And not because I’m not happy with where I am.  On the contrary.  I would have said no because it would have seemed too big, too impossible, and way over my head.

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Shout So They Can Hear

This is the end of a long lecture that Mark Driscoll did at the Resurgence 13 conference.  He was presenting some findings from his recent research project on the top reasons why Americans reject Christianity.  It’s very informative, though nothing was that surprising.  What he found was that all of the top reasons are surrounding the issue of tolerance (that word has been redefined too).

At the end of the rather laid back teaching, he just kind of cuts loose as he is explaining that sometimes what our culture needs is for us to get louder, not softer as Peter often did in Acts.  The result is some of the best extemporaneous preaching I’ve seen in a while.

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fear anxiety and the greatness of god

Fear, Anxiety, and the Greatness of God

I meet people all the time that suffer from debilitating anxiety.  I don’t know if it is on the rise, or if I’m just hearing about it more because people are becoming more comfortable discussing it.  It’s hard to tell which it is.

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